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Eugenol Manufacturers

A naturally occurring compound, Eugenol is found in various plants such as cloves, cinnamon, basil, and bay leaves. It is characterized by its aromatic scent and is commonly used in the production of perfumes, flavorings, and medicinal products. Arora Aromatics Pvt. Ltd. as one of the industry-leading Eugenol manufacturers, boasts for its robust facilities and a commitment to producing high-quality aromatic compounds. Our manufacturing process adheres to stringent quality standards to ensure the purity and potency of Eugenol for various applications.


  • Medicinal Use: Antiseptic, analgesic, and anti-inflammatory properties, making it a valuable ingredient in traditional medicine and pharmaceutical formulations. Often used in dental care products for its ability to alleviate toothaches and reduce dental inflammation.
  • Flavoring Agent: Due to its pleasant aroma and flavor, extensively used as a flavoring agent in food and beverages, particularly in confectionery and spice blends.
  • Fragrance Industry: A key component in the fragrance industry, contributing to the creation of perfumes, colognes, and aromatic oils.

Eugenol Suppliers And Exporters From India

Catering to the bulk and varied needs of the domestic and international buyers, we are acclaimed as one of the dependable Eugenol Suppliers And Exporters From India. as we offer competitive pricing, prompt delivery, and personalized customer service to meet the requirements of our clients, we have acquired huge clientele across Delhi NCR, Bangalore, Paonta Sahib, Ahmedabad, Sudan, Slovakia, Palestine, Singapore, Uruguay, Czech Republic, and more. Moreover, our export services are tailored to facilitate smooth transactions and timely shipments, ensuring customer satisfaction.